56th post: Just another simple outfit

Hello! It’s the weekend so I decided to post an outfit blog! YAAYY!! Well, very simple outfit really. I decided to just wear my linen trousers.

I’m not going to blog until I’m done with my giveaway. It just takes so much time double checking everything.

top: Sirens ($12); bottom: pants UO ($29);

shoes: Jeffrey Campbell cutout wedge ($160); bag: Aldo ($49)

Don’t forget to join my blog give away. Click here.

Always read my blog since I’ll be doing another give away in a month or so maybe. 🙂

Ohhh. If you want to double check if I have entered your email on my list, just check my FB’s notes and see if your email is on the list.

I just want to THANK all those who’ve joined! Really appreciate it!! Thank you for all the sweet messages you’ve sent me!! Oh, and if you have any suggestions or questions.. maybe giveaway suggestion then just message me! 🙂

THANK YOU GOLD DOT for being so nice and just supporting me all the way. 🙂 I know that GD will always be a part of me!!

Thank you for reading, guys. Love ya’ll! 🙂

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