Flowers and color

Oh my. This week is going to be another hell week for me in terms of work load. I do have my Patho midterm on Monday which I haven’t even started studying (gahh) and I do have pre-lab test on Friday and also my clinicals tomorrow and Wednesday. So if I don’t blog tomorrow or this week, then you guys know why. πŸ™‚

Outfit of the day or yesterday’s really.. haha. ahmmm. You know, when I’m too lazy to dress up, I just put on a dress and tadaaaa. That’s it. Well, that’s what I was feeling yesterday.

dress: Material girl ($49); Jeffrey Campbell Lita ($160)

I actually like how it turned out though. Can you see how dull the background is… dried bushes, leaves, monochrome background… then my floral dress with my color-block litas!! Perfect combination!! I bring color to this boring world. lol

I bought this dress when mesh dresses were really in. I bought it from Material Girl at The Bay. Material Girl is created by the Original Material girl, MADONNA! Yeap, that’s her clothing line. The prices are okay, but when I compare the quality of the clothes to H&M, for example, pffftt H&M’s wayyy better and wayyy cheaper as well.

What I love about Material Girl though is their XS fits like a glove when I wear it! Just look at the dress! For some dresses, I have to fold the dress because it’s too long. Material girl on the other hand, just fits perfectly – the size, the length, everything.

Can’t seriously wait for the grasses to turn green….

(ang damuhan… bow. ano iniisip mo??!?! HAHAH)

Oh myyy. Let me talk about my hair first! I know that you guys are also getting kinda annoyed with my hair color! I DO!! I know I have to color it soon but 2 reasons why it’s taking me so long to go to my hair stylist.

First, I want to grow my hair longer! I hate how I have to, have to, have to cut an inch of my hair every time I go to the salon. I know that’s for the best, but… I don’t know… I want my hair long! Second, ahmmm… the more important thing I guess. Do you know that it takes me $$$ to color my hair?!! I mean if I go to my stylist it takes me $$$ for my hair color since my hair is too long and quite thick as well! I can buy a Jeffrey Campbell Lita with that money! Yes, that expensive!! 😦 So being a shoe addict, I stick with my crappy hair right now and just buy shoes if I feel bad!!! HAHAHA. I don’t want to color my hair at home, I’ve tried that it wasn’t really successful! So yeaaaahhh. 😦

OH well we’ll see. Maybe when our tax return arrives then I can go to my stylist. AHH!! Can’t wait for that!

So, that’s it for now. Thank you guys for reading! Love y’all! πŸ™‚

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One thought on “Flowers and color

  1. maysea says:

    Haha, I can say the same about my curly hair. Curled it to avoid the stress of going through 5 hours of rebonding and spending $$$$ (I should write the peso sign but we don’t have that hehe). The money I could save to buy a new phone or buy new clothes. SO my hair is longgggg and totally unruly. I just don’t have the time and money to fix it yet.

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