Brown + floral + nature

Hello again. How are you guys doing? I hope you’re enjoying your weekend! 🙂 Calgary’s weather today was really nice. Yes, WAS. It was really nice around morning – noon but now it’s turning to get cloudy and quite chilly. Oh well,  that’s what Calgary’s weather is.. it’s unpredictable!

50 more views and I will soon have my 11,000 views! YAYYY!! Sorry if I always seem to track my views! You know, when you blog, I think that’s the only way you will find out that your last post interests your readers! OOHHHH! One more thing, WordPress has this thing now where I know where my readers came from! I’ve always thought that most of my readers are from the Philippines! Guess what? Not quite! For the past two days since that “feature” became a part of this blog, I found out that I do actually have more views from Canada! Hmmm. I’m guessing those are my friends, my classmates, my family, YOU, etc.

So for my outfit for today, the boy and I decided that we would go to Fishcreek park for my “photo shoot”. Can I tell you something? I am so not used to taking pictures in public. I get very shy since I find it really awkward when people look at me and I have to pose! So the Fishcreek part was perfect! There were people who were walking, but there weren’t a lot that it didn’t bother me. 🙂

dress: topshop (Php3600) shoes: Aldo ($140); headband: Zara ($15)

I bought this dress from the Philippines! There is no Topshop branch here in Calgary, which I find really frustrating! Actually, we do have Topshop but just a small section in The Bay at TD Core at Calgary downtown. Topshop’s prices are quite expensive but I really love their styles and the quality of the clothes they’re selling!!! How I wish they will soon have their own store here in Calgary!! As well as Mango! I will visit those 2 stores everyday! C’mon Calgary, you need to be more fashionable!

Don’t I look Bohemian with my headband on?! I love those kinds of look!

Actually as you may see, I just played around with color BROWN! My dress is brown with florals as well as my shoes and my head accessory. They’re all brown-ish! Which kinda matches my background.

I’m quite excited for spring when this grasses/bushes will turn green.

I LOVE MY PHOTOS!!! I love going outdoor and really looking for “nice” spots for my photo shoot! How I wish I have the time to do that everyday! School won’t let me since I go to school before 9 and sometimes I come home after 5. Well, maybe this summer?!?! 🙂

That’s it! THANK YOU GUYS FOR READING!! <3<3<3

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One thought on “Brown + floral + nature

  1. Rochelle Juachon says:

    Love this look! ❤

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