Another peach-y pants

Hello guys, so did you miss me? I missed you!!! lol

My mom visited last weekend so I didn’t get the chance to blog really. So here’s my blog for today! Oh waiiit. I have 10,000 + views now!! YAAYY!! I know that’s not a lot for a month of blogging, but heyyy… I’m very happy!! Thank you guys for the support! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

top: UO ($49); pants: H&M ($17); shoes: DAS 

I went to H&M last Monday and I was so happy when I saw this trouser and they were just $17!! REALLY?!?!?! I love H&M!!!

Ohhh, and I think I’ve told you before how much I love LACE!! Yeap, and here’s one of my favorite lace top!! It was perfect especially it was really warm outside! 🙂

I should listen to my Patho instructor now. lol Yes, I’m blogging while I’m in class! I’m baaad! lol

Talk to you later guys! Thank you for reading! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Another peach-y pants

  1. Love your look especially the pants! 🙂


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