Leopard print + blue

You know why I love outdoor shots? I seriously do not care about my background, this is a fashion blog and not photography, but I really like outdoor shots since photos turn out to have better qualities! I guess it’s because of the lighting (duhh)!

So now, I’m going to blog now since my mom’s coming tonight and we’ll be hanging out with my family and friends. We’re thinking of some place to eat. If you live in Calgary and you have a place in mind… somewhere you can grill your own food but not an asian restaurant? hahaha Message me on fb!

It’s sunny outside! I love love love the weather!!

Now for the outfit! I just wanted to use my leopard-print dress but since it’s still a bit chilly even though it’s sunny, I did put a blazer on top of my dress.What I love about the blazer is it’s kinda glittery so it does add an oomph to the dress.

People might be thinking I’m using photoshop for my skin. HELL NO! Even my husband knows that I do have smooth skin! LOL too much info, I know!

dress: H&M ($19); blazer: thrifted; shoes: Aldo

As you may have noticed, I LOVE LEOPARD PRINTS! I’ve been thinking lately though, how do leopards sound or what do they “say”? RAWR? Aren’t they like lions and tigers? So RAWR, right? lol

So I actually wore my blue blazer! I just found that leopard print + red is too common already! So let’s try the blue! ๐Ÿ™‚

I love the last photo. I love the face! I love how the photo turned out. Seriously, I actually think that Dale is getting a little bit better on this photography thing! We’ll see how he progresses as he takes more pictures of me! Ohh, and he’s having more patience as well! Hahaha. It’s just I have to inspect every photos first before he can stop taking pictures of me. Poor guy! Well, that’s what he gets from marrying me! lol

Wait, another thing, girls, can we talk? (ooh comma splicing. I just used a lot of commas in there) In a serious note. I just have to say this. It makes me so upset when a girl doesn’t wear makeup. NATURAL BEAUTY?! oh yeah? Good if you have “natural” beauty, but if you think that you have pimples or have scars or eye bags, a little bit of concealer won’t hurt you! I hate how some girls are so smart, but the thing is they kinda don’t care about how they look! Ask a guy… I have a lot of guy friends… Even in nursing, when I ask my guy friends… would they rather choose a beautiful girl or an intelligent girl, oh man! You would be surprise (or not really) on how majority of them would choose the beautiful one! I know how girls say “I would rather have a guy who accepts me for who I am, bla bla bla”, enough of that! Please make your guy proud! I guess what I’m trying to say here is… isn’t it better if you are smart… AND pretty?!?! I’m talking about ladies here, not girls. Girls, you can wear whatever, you’re still young. you can wear your sweat pants at school, etc. Nobody would care! lol But for those who are in there early 20’s and up, come on! Let’s be ladies! Okay?

Okay, so actually I’m going to post my brother’s photos in here! When he posted it on fb, I told him that I will blog about this! I find it hot! Here… say hi again to Quinn.



I really love his jacket!! I love love!!
What do you think, girls?? ๐Ÿ™‚


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