DIY JC Lita glitter & high-waisted shorts!

Wait, have you read my last post the “darkish plum”, so you know that Jeffrey Campbell Lita dupe that I have in plum? Yeap, I turned it into this color!! TADAAA!! I have magic! lol As what I said, I don’t like the plum color of that Lita so I turned it into a fun color – TURQUOISE!

I’m wearing my high-waisted shorts again!

top: bandeau UO ($9); lace top H&M ($15); shorts: UO 

Featuring my freaking large thigh! I DON’T CAREEE ANYMORE! lol

Everyone has the right to dress up ladies! KEEP THAT IN MIND! When a b*tch says something bad, or insult how you look, just tell her to mind her own business or else you’ll tell Maggie… I’ll save you! haha

So what do you think about my new shoes? They’re GLITTERY!!! GLITTERY TURQUOISE!

Here’s how I did it.


5 thoughts on “DIY JC Lita glitter & high-waisted shorts!

  1. Amy says:

    What glue did you use?!?! xxx

  2. Sefanja Rubina says:

    Nice job.!! Instead of the fabric I glittered up the heels of my dupes ^^ You can check it out on my blog if you’re interested:


    P.s Did you spray anything on the shoes when you were finish to protect the glitter?

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