Dark-ish Plum

This is too early for my blog for the day… but I have to go somewhere. I’m going to spoil the little kid. It’s been so long that we’ve bonded, so now is the right time! 😀 My foot still kinda hurts so we’re not going to the mall for sure.

Since I am going with the little boy, I chose to wear something comfortable (well at least for my own definition of comfy).

skirt: H&M ($29); cardigan: H&M($15); scarf: UO ($28) top: UO ($29)

As you may have noticed with my other posts, I do not wear something over my top but I made an exception for this outfit. I wanted to show you how I layer. This is just a simple short cardigan, but I actually think that it adds volume to your outfit.

I’ve decided to wear this skirt since most of the skirts I’ve worn on my posts are bodycons.

Oh yeah. This is my definition of comfortable. hahaha.

Here’s my plum JC Lita dupe. I’m not really happy with the color so I’ve been thinking of doing a DIY later. Watch out for that tonight or tomorrow! You can do it to your shoes as well! 🙂

I’ve also had the time to do my make up for today! HAHA. I LOVE MY LIPSTICK! I have lots of lipsticks, but I wear the darker ones when I blog coz it’s more “visible”. lol But I do own a lot of lipsticks, and MAC Pink Nouveau is one of my favorite pink!! Gives you that Barbie color!

Thank you for reading guys! Please pray for the people I love who are not feeling well. I get so sad thinking that they’re not feeling well. 😦 Oh life, you’re just not nice sometimes! 😦


2 thoughts on “Dark-ish Plum

  1. Style Anchor says:

    Hi, I absolutely love all your jeffrey campbells – I’m actually quite jealous. Can you please tell me where you find them all! Love your blog as well, by the way. x

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