SuperSale Bazaar booth

This is one of the days I wish I’m in the Philippines right now!!! Too bad my passport just expired and I will not be able to go home. 😦 But I’m blogging about this bazaar since I figured that most of my viewers are from the Philippines anyways! 🙂

I LOVE BAZAARS!!! I’ll be honest with you, I’ve always thought that bazaars are just for “rich” people in the Philippines. NOOOO! If you have the chance to visit a bazaar, all the prices are pretty affordable! So if you’re not doing anything this weekend, go have some fun and visit the SuperSale bazaar. Also, this bazaar is for the benefit of World Vision.

Here’s some info about the bazaar! Also, I’ll also be posting some info about my favorite booth as well! 🙂

World Trade Center

March 2 – 4

10:00 am to 9:00pm

ticket: Php 100



booth: C23

I was asked once by a friend how I would describe GD? They’re style is very uniqe.

They do have their own designs and they’re very high + very  comfortable!

Have you seen their latest disco ball heel less? WOW! So visit their booth!



Das will be releasing DAS33 today! I’m very excited how it looks like!

Have you seen their Das 32??? It’s the heel less stud! 🙂

Modelled by ISIS KING of ANTM, no biggie!!! lol

You will also have the chance to try their holiday collection from last year!

I don’t know though their booth number. 😦 sorry guys.


Laureen Uy

Booth: H1

Laureen Uy’s having heir own booth. She will be selling her old clothes and also new items.

These shoes are just some of what she’s selling, they’re from Php 500-1500. Also she’ll be selling clothes from just Php 350 – 500. VERY GOOD DEAL!!



booth: E21

If you love accessorizing, then you should check their booth! I LOVE THEIR ACCESSORIES! If I only live in the Philippines, I WILL BUY ALL OF THEM!!!

All their items are 30% to 70% off!!


These are the booths that I will visit right away!!! I mean, when I enter the door, I will find these booths first!! I would want to spend my money on the things I love first! 😀

Just go to WTC and there’ll be hundreds of booths waiting for you!

Enjoy your weekend guys! 🙂


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