Pharma over!

My right ankle is swollen after that “Polkie” photo shoot!!! You know I love my Steve Madden heels, but for some reasons I find them very uncomfortable to wear!! I only have 2 Steve Madden shoes but both of them, gahh, very disappointing! Partly, it’s my fault though, wearing heels in snow + stones. tsk tsk.

Anyways, I am sooo happy right now!!! I got my pharma grade back and I’m so proud of myself! HAHA They said that pharma/patho is bad, and I know what they mean by “bad”. It’s just a lot of work, and having my own family (with some problems sometimes) and this blog, makes it a lot worse!!! Also, you know how I procrastinate a lot! I study 3 days before the test, really! So for that, I am very happy with my grade!

ALL PRAISES TO THE ALMIGHTY FOR HE’S ALWAYS BEEN SO GOOD TO ME!  I think I’ve told you before that I text my church friends and family 5 minutes before my test to remind them to pray for me?! I know that I’m just nothing without Him. But I would like to thank my family and
riends! I know they pray hard for me! RIGHT GUYS??!?! lol


I said I’m going to do another outfit photo for tonight, and here it is!

top: H$M ($12); shorts: UO ($20); scarf: H&M; necklace: Greenhills; shoes: Sirens ($10)

I got my shoes for $10!! How awesome is that?!?!? They’re $40 originally, and they went on sale for $10!! They’re very COMFORTABLE as well!!!!

O yeah, I also wear flats!! Don’t be mistaken that all my shoes are pumps, wedges, platforms.I also wear flats! 🙂

What’s with the face?!?!?! kung makanguso akala mo wala ng kinabukasan!

I don’t have school tomorrow and Friday! YAAAYYY!!!

I have to drive my aunt on Friday to the airport though. She’s going home to the Philippines! My uncle is really sick, and… yahhh. 😦 Please pray for him. Our family is facing a really hard time right now. He’s too young. In fact he’s the youngest out of 9 siblings that my mom has. I’m pretty close with my mom’s siblings since I didn’t get the chance to meet my dad’s family. He also has a 10 y.o. daughter, and 14 y.o. son. I feel that everything’s just too early. So please pray for him.

I know this post has just a lot of emotions going on. First, I was happy, and in the end, it’s sad. Sorry, I just like throwing things out of my mind when I blog. 🙂

I hope you’re having a fantastic day, night, or whatever wherever! lol


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