Sequined shorts

Oh man. My brain is still so tired right now. I had that big final test last night and I had to wake up at 5 this morning! Life of a student nurse is hectic I must say, but I love building relationships with my patients though! At the end of the day, nursing is very fulfilling!

An outdoor shot for today! YAY! But as you will see, I used the my self-timer again! Okay, this spot, where my neighbors logs are, is just right across the side door of our garage. Our garage has a little chair where I can just put my camera, and just press that self-timer button! lol So every time you see the logs, yeap, that’s a self-timer photo! 😀

Here’s my outfit.

top: Winners – where else? ($16) ; shorts: (forever21 $21); shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Lita ($160)

HAHA. I really had to put “where else” after I did put Winners for where I got my top. If you live in Calgary or in Canada, then you know what I’m talking about. 😀


more photos:

Those Litas are SYNTHETIC LEATHER, so even though they get snow all over, it’s very very easy to clean! NOT LIKE THE leatherette and suedette Litas I got from GoJane. 😦

Oh watch out for my DIY project this weekend! It will be exciting!

Featuring my pata (my big thighs)!

You know what’s funny though?! I used to have  chicken-like legs!! I can still remember how my brothers always made fun of my legs! But look at them now, they’re humongous! Blame fast food! I realized as well that I tend to eat a lot when I’m stressed! 🙂

If you want to know if you’re gaining weight, look at your thighs! For women, all their fats go directly to their thighs! Well,except if you’re lower extremities are pretty active then that’s different. But yeah, it’s the thigh, not the abdomen!! The abdomen is for guys.

Sorry if I tend to write stuff about biology or nutrition, you know I do patient teaching and I tend to do that every now and then. 😀

Now let’s talk about my outfit! My outfit basically is just an outfit which you can wear anywhere (not outside though coz it’s freaking cold here in Calgary). I mean, you can wear this to school, if you go to the mall, have a date, etc. It’s very comfortable, the oversized knit top is really comfortable. The sequined shorts also adds a statement. Since my top and bottom are both monochromatic, then I added color with my GORGEOUS JC LTIA!!! I LVOEEE THIS PAIR!!!

So what do you think? It’s very simple, but I find it really sexy.

 GOOD NIGHT GUYS! Love ya’ll!

One thought on “Sequined shorts

  1. :) says:

    I so loveeee the colors ate! 🙂 Pretty! ❤

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