I’m back!

YAAAYY! Finals done today! I’m happy that my pharma test is over, but I’m kind of worried that I did not do good, or worse, I failed. I will be such a disgrace to my family if I do! lol It just doesn’t look like it, but I’m kind of smart! (this is me boosting up my self-worth… lol) Well, we have to believe in ourselves, you know!

Remember that time where I said I wouldn’t be blogging because I had something due for school? That was my nursing paper! I got it back today, I mean the marks are up, and I’m so friggin happy I got an A+!!!! YAAYYY!!! Yes, I do have a Filiipino accent, but yooow, once you read my paper you’ll be amazed! HAHA (hambog!!! lol) In nursing we call it as a scholarly paper, in the Philippines they call it a manuscript. I think the fun part of writing a paper is looking for scholarly articles that would support your paper (not really). Tip in writing a paper… grammar just takes few percentage of your paper…. IT IS THE CONTENT THAT MATTERS! So do your research, follow instructions carefully, pray, then pray again that you will do good. 😀


My outfit today is inspired by… ahmm.. well, nothing really. Here it is.

top: H&M ($12); shorts: UO ($29)

bag: UO ($49); shoes: Jeffrey Campbell lita dupe ($39)

Well, I’m only going to post three photos for tonight! I have clinical tomorrow at 6 and I should sleep now.

Depends on the weather, I may take an outdoor shot tomorrow! It was sooo freaking cold today! HATED IT! 😦

ps. I will for sure use this shorts again next time, maybe during the day so you can see it better! I love these shorts! 😀


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