So I decided that from now on, I’m not going to edit my photos for two reasons. First, it takes sooo much time (and I don’t have all the time I need). Second, it kinda affects the quality of the photo.

It’s freezing outside! It was only -11 degrees celsius, but the windchill was just horrible!! IT MADE IT WORSE!! Me, as a leg-expose-er, had goose bumps all over my body! Well, no one to blame but myself! It was me who chose my outfit anyways! :/

My outfit today is inspired by neutral colors, or more on nude color! I love nude-color clothing since it makes people think that you’re not actually wearing something! HAHAHA.(You know how daring I can get sometimes) But remember, if you’re wearing nude, then your skin should match with your dress/shirt/skirt. Well, that’s really the point of wearing nude outfits, right?

For my outfit, I did not aim for that, but I just really wanted to wear neutral colors for today, so yeah, no color for today! I think it’s because of the sad weather! 😦

As you can see, it’s not really nude colors, but yeah, more on neutrals! HAHAHA I just feel that what I’m saying right now doesn’t make sense! HAHAHA

blazer: H&M ($20); shoes: DAS Philiippines

top: UO dress ($20); skirt: from the Ramp Crossings Trinoma

Sorry I could not remember where I bought the skirt! All I know is I bought it from the Philippines. 😀

I would suggest neutral shades, esp. nude color, for girls who have fair skin! IT WILL LOOK SOOOO GOOD on you guys! But always remember, nude color makes you look you’ve gained weight! It does the opposite of color black and you know how black makes you look skinny!! 🙂

Enjoy your Satruday, Calgarians  and your Sunday, Philippines!

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