Colored stripes

I am sooo not in the mood to blog right now. I’m just going to post photos. Sorry, I’m really having a stressful night! 😦

top: UO ($20); bottom; DIY shorts; blazer: H&M ($39)

Speaking of H&M, I realized that there is no H&M in the Philippines. 😦

Those “mayayamans” in the Philippines would go to Hongkong for a day to just shop in H&M! Woooow.

And this is me with the blazer on. (Oh, it’s blurry again – 2nd picture)

I decided to untuck my tank since it’s more of a tunic, anyways!

I love this last photo. haha



OHHH wait. I have to tell you something, I watched THE NOTEBOOK again last night and I was crying like a baby even though I have watched it already! I just wanted to watch it since we watched The Vow 2 days ago!

The Notebook is STILL THE BEST!!!

I am so inspired though to do more vintage looks or maybe bohemian looks. I will do that next week after my test. Now, my focus is to start studying for my finals on MONDAY! shoot! lol

Sorry for the lighting again guys. My son lost my memory card and I just found it right now, and it’s already dark outside so I had to do an indoor shot again.



2 thoughts on “Colored stripes

  1. Kara says:

    What’s your son’s opinion on you being so fashionable? It will be so cool to have you as a mom! 🙂

    I looove the way you dress! 🙂

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