New shoe lust

OOHHH MYYYY!!! I just realized that it’s already been one month!!! I remember that I started blogging religiously (well, mostly) last Jan. 22!!! YAAAYYYY!! HAPPY MONTHSARY VIEWERS! I also have reached 7,000 views as of now!! YAY!! Not bad right? I mean, I know it’s not a lot, but heeey!! This is a fashion blog, and not like music, not all people love fashion anyways (saying this to make me feel good lol)!

Starting tomorrow, I promise (haha so Filipino), I swear that I will post more chic outfits! I know that sometimes I get too tired and just post boring outfits! Well, actually, I really did that on purpose. I don’t want to just focus on one style since not all of you, my readers, like “bold clothing”, some of you just like jeans and shirts, or shorts and tank… so I’m exploring. But still, I will do my best to make it more nicer and just yeah. LOL don’t know how to say it.

I will also try to apply make-up and then just show you the basics on how to do that look! OKAY. I’m not good at that, but pwede ng pagtyagaan! LOL

Enough of my intro… Since it’s our monthsary, and since you know I love SHOESSSS….. I want you to meet my IDOL (naks! lol), the next A. McQueen, the next Noritaka Tatehana…. JOCO COMENDADOR

Everyone knows Alexander McQueen, right? and everyone who knows Lady Gaga, should also know Noritaka Tatehana.. yes, he’s Japanese and yes he’s the guy behind those heel-less shoes of Gaga.

Okay, so now. Let’s meet JOCO’s Creations!

Well, to those who wants to know more about him, please visit his facebook fan page right here.
He’s still starting, so basically he does all the work so it will take 3-4 weeks for your shoes to be made, BUT IT’S ALL WORTH IT!! Especially, the price is much cheaper!!! much much cheaper for customized shoes!!!!
I was ready to order for a pair na, but I’m still thinking if I should get a 6-inch! To be honest, I don’t think I would be able to walk on those! LOL
So I better ask him to make a 3-inch (the most) for me! LOL
He’s soooo nice pa!!! He replied to my every message! What a babe! Can’t wait for my first pair!!!! 😀

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