Floral cutout dress

One of my friends asked me how I dress up if I go to a party. Well, I told her that it depends on what kind of party you’re going. I always go on the safe side though. So here’s an example.

Choose a dress that is “presentable” but SEXY. What kind of dress that would be? Choose a CUTOUT dress!

dress: Zara ($49)

What I love about this dress, first of all, is the FLORAL PRINT. I’ve always loved floral prints! They bring freshness to an outfit!

I think I’m starting to gain fat on my freakin’ back which is not sexy at all!!!! I didn’t want to post this, but I just have to show you what a “cutout” is, and how sexy this dress is!

Added with a red lipstick, ooohhh. LOVELY!!! I’m using MAC Russian Red, one of my favorite red lipsticks out there!

and my COLOR-BLOCK Steve Madden shoes!


I know my bra’s kinda showing. HAHA. Sorry, I could not take another photos since my battery died and it will take forever to charge it. 😦 Oh yeah, if you’re going to wear tube top dresses but you do not have boobs like me, I suggest you use push up bras. Can you see how it worked on me?! LOL

Oh guys! HAPPY FAMILY DAY CANADA!! Spend it with your family and have fun!!!


One thought on “Floral cutout dress

  1. Danica Mae says:

    Stunning. 😉
    Really love it.

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