Crochet dress

Remember I told you yesterday that I went to H&M and bought a lot of stuff?!?! Well, this outfit is one of the things I’ve purchased! When I saw it, I just knew that I had to buy it!

This nude crochet dress is just LOVE!! I love the color, I love the style, I love the LENGTH!! You know for a Filipina like me, I’m having some hard times looking for dresses that would actually look good for my height! As I said before, I’m only 5’3 and most of the dresses out there are just right above my knee! I hate that! I like my dresses along my mid-thigh area at least.

But this dress.. it’s just PERFECT!!!!

Dress: H&M ($35), necklace: Greenhills (Php1000)

Here are more photos:

Oh yeah, I had the chance to curl my hair!!! BAHAHAH. My hair is just long that sometimes I hate curling it ‘coz it takes so much time!!!

And this photo is the one without edit!

shoes: Jeffrey Campbell ($169)


I DOOOOO LOVE MY SHOESIES!!! Look at those JC Nightwalk in snakeskin!?!?! Seriously!!!! They’re sooo pretty!!

I had to change my shoes though to my LOVELY Bertha booties by GOLD DOT!

Here’s a picture:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS WEDGES!!! Seriously, I think it’s turning out to be one of my favorite shoesies! I realized today how easy it is to walk with these babies on! Even they’re so high, they’re so light! Seriously, they’re just soo cool!


So here’s my section of “HOW SHOULD GUYS DRESS UP?”

I’m giving you 3 “styles” from casual to semi-formal outfits.

Meet (from L to R) Novee, Eredee, and Jon.

These 3 guys were not cooperating when I was taking photos of them, so forgive the “supposed-to-be-cool-but-turned-out-horrible” photos of them.

More photos of our “kulitan” moments

Eredee, wth were you doing?! lol

Here’s a better photo of us.

Novee is my youngest brother, he’s the one on the far right. He’s 17, so if anyone out there is single, message me. LOL

I don’t know about Jon and Eredee, the last time I checked Jon has a gf, but I’m not really sure with Eredee. I know though that Eredee is 18, while Jon is only 14

I just like how there are different styles when you compare these three guys here. Eredee basically was the most formal one. I love how he tucked his polo in his skinny pants – very simple but it turned out really nice. You can wear this as a work outfit! While for Novee, I love how he layered. I love how the layering turned out – from plaid polo to the casual jacket. Also love how he paired the top with his pants and shoes! Jon’s outfit, I must say, is sooo cute! I love the beanie first of all! Polo with sweater and skinny pants? Very easy to do but very appealing! He also kinda looks like Jeremy Lin!! Hahaha pogi!! 🙂

So there’s my post for today. Hope you all enjoyed! 🙂

One thought on “Crochet dress

  1. paula dela marced says:

    JC nightwalk ❤

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