Romper + winter

Hi guys. My family and friends do know that I LOVE ROMPERS! I just think that they’re the cutest thing ever, especially when you’re too lazy to dress up!

Just a note, be careful when wearing rompers because sometimes they’re too baggy or too long. DO NOT GET THOSE! I mean, rompers should be sexxxyyyy so if you think that it does not complement your body, then do not wear it!

I am planning to do “how to wear romper in 7 ways” since I do have a lot of rompers so if you like rompers, then watch out for that! 🙂 This is my “laid back” outfit. Everyone can do this. Here…

romper: Urban Outfitters ($9); Cardigan: Zara ($15); boots: Zara ($109)

The original price of that romper was $60 I think while the cardigan was $39? I am pretty good with getting sale items you know. I love buying a lot of clothes when shopping so it’s just awesome when you buy cheaper clothes!!!

I love UO! I know I’ve told you that before, and I will say it again and again. 😀

The sale prices are sooo cheap plus the quality of the clothes, c’mon…. that’s UO!

I know this second picture is blurry but I just want to show you the proper length of a romper

This romper is actually super long so I always fold it on my waistline


OH YEAH, I went to Cross Iron mills today! I went to H&M, and I was sooo happy!!!!!!! H&M is so freakin’ cheap!!!!!! Dresses for only $20?!?!?! I bought a lot of stuff again, I know my husband would be reading this sooo.. HI! HAHA.

I told you I like buying cheap clothes, so I spoiled myself na!!!!!  As of this moment, H&M is my favorite store!! But it has to be the one in Cross Iron. HAHA. So if you live in Calgary, and want to do some shopping while you’re enjoying your reading week, then.. H&M Cross Iron it is!!

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