I know, I know. What’s with me?!?! I haven’t blogged for 4 days!!!! What’s with that?!

I am very sorry, guys. I had a really busy week so I had to skip blogging for few days. On a positive note, it’s our reading week next week!! YAAAY! So that means, BLOG EVERYDAY! I have a patho test the following Monday so I have to study for that though!

Most of you guys ask me why do I blog if I’m already busy with my family, school, and other stuff… To be honest, there are two reasons why I’m doing this.

First, my “mentor/advisor” told me that I should blog to practice my English. As a future nurse, I have to work on my grammar, diction, etc. She told me to vlog, but I’m not ready for that. We Filipinos are pretty good in English, but… I shouldn’t settle for just “good”. (I’m not saying that I’m trying to forget tagalog, what I’m saying is I just need to work on my English).

Second, I consider this as a journal, “photo album”, however you wanna say it. My life is kinda stressful that I need to just do SOMETHING that I really enjoy, and what would that be?!?! DRESS UP and blog! You know how some people are into sports, basketball, whatever? Well, this is my hobby! In addition, after 5 years I want to look back at my photos;)

Now back to my outfit.

My inspiration today is VINTAGE!! This is an indoor shot and our bedroom has really poor lighting,so sorry about the photo quality again.

top: Urban Outfitters ($29); bottom: H&M ($20)

scarf: made as headband; detachable collar: MISS SARTORIAL (Php 380)

Oh yeah! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my detachable collar!

This is a close up of my outfit.


This is my Steve Madden shoes that the boy gave me! I love the colors – red, orange, pink!

Hmmm. That’s it! Now I have to study! 🙂

Oh here are some photos. I really hated the photo quality, but I find it kinda cute! 😀



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