Statement necklace, detachable collar and maxi skirt

As you’ve noticed, yes, I’m into maxi skirts! And YES I’m into color blue! HAHAHA. I don’t know. I will start wearing my short dresses maybe when the weather gets better. But for now, just please enjoy my maxi skirts!! The weather today was -9 degree celsius  and IT WAS JUST FREEZING!!! I really like my outfit pa naman but no choice, I have to take my photos indoor. 😦

PS. (haha PS in the middle of the blog?) I’ll be posting a lot of photos.

Parang libro lang ang concept.

I really like those two photos. There’s something to it! LOL

Okay now.

Remember that detachable collars I got from the Philippines? Here’s one way how you can wear them. Wear it with a tube top dress, or top.

I chose the lace magenta/teal that I have to match with skirt. I LOVEEE IT!!

It is such a good substitute or alternative to those statement necklaces. The advantage in using this I guess is that, it adds statement, but it doesn’t take away all the attention from your fab outfit. It’s not overwhelming I should say.

NOW, if you still want to have that statement necklaces, then here’s an example.

I know bib necklaces are out of season now, but oh well, this is all I have! lol.

shoes: Zara ($99)

top: tube dress worn as top Forever21 ($33); skirt: Zara $19; belts: Aldo

detachable collar: Miss Sartorial (Php380);

bib necklace: Greenhills (Php 1200 with tawad na)

My maxi skirt is only $19! BAHAHAHA. I love shopping cheap clothes, well I mean on-sale clothes! Okay, for my Filipino readers…


When I went to the Philippines, I was so surprised that the clothes are sooo freaking expensive! In addition to that, the hems, seams, and just the overall quality is far worse than Canada’s!!  Well, I did shop at The Ramp though, and Topshop, Mango, and all those high-end ones. Maybe that explains it. lol BUT HEY!! I did go to Divisoria, Greenhills, and Palengkes when we were at Visayas! HHAHA. I did pamakyaw (bought all) the cheap things that I could get! T’was fun!!

Okay now back to my outfit….

So what do you think guys??! D you like the bib necklace or the collar better? I honestly love statement necklaces, but I guess collars are good alternatives. Don’t you think?? 🙂


One thought on “Statement necklace, detachable collar and maxi skirt

  1. Bing says:

    I love the fair skin.haha

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