Stripey stripe and Miss Sartorial

Thank God it’s FRIDAY!! I know that most of you are going partying, getting wasted… good for you guys! As a future nurse, I would say take care of your liver okay?! You know how liver plays a role in biotransformation and…. HAHAHAH. What a lame intro.

Here’s a school outfit once again. Well, I go to school 3 x a week and hospital (for my clinical) 2 x. So today this is what I wore to school. You know what’s funny?!!?! It’s funny how my nursing classmates are reading my blog!!! YAAAYYYYY!!!! HI GUYS! LOL

Okay. Here’s my outfit.

top: Zara ($11); bottom: UO ($5); shoes: vintage

YES, you’re not mistaken! My LEVI’s JEANS are only $5!!!!! If there’s one store that I would visit everyday of my entire life and I will not get tired of, that would be URBAN OUTFITTERS!! It’s even funny how most of them know me already, even the managers! Last summer, I was there EVERYDAY! 🙂 They just have the BEST SALE, especially when they have their 50% sale! My Levi’s was $79 originally the it was on sale for $9.99 then it was the 50% reduction, so yeah.. I PAID $5!! How awesome is that?!?! I LOVEEE UO! They’re definitely a part of my top 3 favorite stores!!

 Don’t worry, when I find out when the next sale is, I’ll tell you right away! So watch out for that! 🙂

Here’s another picture where I folded my jeans. I’m seriously into folding my trousers/jeans. I don’t know why. I just think it adds “awkwardness” to my outfit, and I love that!!

I love cropping my face! hahah BUT for this photo, I cropped this because my eyes are just puffy!! Sorry. I was crying like a baby this afternoon. 😦

Just look at my face, especially my eyes! PUFFFF + EYEBAGS!!!

Oh well, just look at my top! I love my top!!!! It was only $11!! Oh ZARA, I LOVE YOU!



I love reading Laureen Uy’s and other blogger’s blogs and I’ve always wanted the detachable collars that they’ve been wearing on their outfit posts. I just knew that I needed one of those! So I ordered from the multiply site of Miss Sartorial (CHECK IT OUT heeerreee) last January 20 something. lol.

Detachable collars are in!! They add statement to your outfits! I’m so excited to do an outfit shot for all of you guys! This is an alternative to the big statement necklaces out there!

I LOVE MISS SARTORIAL!! Few things to note though. I shopped through Multiply Marketplace, and I just want to rant on how disappointing it was to shop using that site! Seriously! If you use your paypal a lot, if you shop something on ebay or just online shopping in general, you know that Paypal is just the safest and best way to pay and this is due to the reason that they don’t share the card number of the buyer with the website people. Your card number is in safe hands! So I did pay my detachable collars through my Paypal, and a day after, someone from Multiply emailed me  and told me that I needed to photocopy my credit card. AHMMM. You’re defeating the purpose of Paypal, dude!!!! So I told her, being a b*tch as I am, the reason why people use Paypal. Then the following day she emailed me that she needed a photocopy of my debit card…  Like seriously!?!??! I argued with that lady for 3 days! LOL

The shipping did cost me Php 850 pesos for those 5 detachable collars. Hmmm. I don’t know but I think that’s quite expensive, considering it took almost 2 weeks for the item to arrive. I do not know what this is, but please if you’re going to deliver something international… or to Canada at least, then please choose DHL!!! THE BEST!! DAS charged me Php 2000 for my 2-lb shoes! Php 850 for this light-weight collars? hmmm. noope.

BUT I JUST HAVE TO SAY THAT I AM SO IMPRESSED ON HOW PERFECT THEY ARE!!! They are perfectly made!!!! I love the sequins and the lace, I LOVE EVERYTHING!! They are Php380 each, and I originally bought 4! Then I added the lace, but SHE IS TOO NICE that she just gave it to me for free!!!!!!!! If she’s reading this, I LOVE YOU! YOU ARE JUST AWESOME! lol

So girls, grab some now! I know there are some out there who are selling these for cheaper prices, but pleaseee this MISS SARTORIAL ones are just PERFECT!!!!


Check their site for more of their styles! I waaaant more!!! 😦

Why does shipping cost a lot?!?! So disappointing!

If you live in Calgary, and soon will be going home to the Philippines and you don’t mind bringing stuff for me, PLEASE MESSAGE ME!!! I would love you forever!!!!

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