Power shoulder blazer and GD Blanc

Hi guys. Most of you may know what power shoulder blazer is, but to those who don’t… then today is your lucky day! Power shoulder blazer is not actually a new fashion trend, if I can remember this correctly, it was from 2 years ago. I really love power shoulder blazer since it really makes your shoulder… hmmm. I can’t even explain it. It just looks so nice! LOL

The weather today was deceiving! That’s the right adjective for that! Man, I thought it would be so warm outside since the light was shining so bright, but I WAS WRONG! It was -5 degrees celsius when I was doing this shot! Pfft. Oh well. This is better though, at least there’s some sun!!

I just realized that my pants are kinda dirty. I had to carry my little kid to my car so I guess it was his dirty shoes. Haha.

Oh, and Lyre took all the photos. If you wonder who Lyre is… then read my other blogs! πŸ™‚

I know I’ve told you howmuch I love my trousers! I hope you see in these photos why I love them!Β 
Top: Urban Outfitters ($59); Bottom: Mango (Php 1,900 or ~$49);

Power shoulder Blazer: Forever21 ($40)

This Mango trousers that I got from the Philippines is one of my favourite trousers!! I love how it fits so perfectly! I got a lot of compliment every time I wear this pair! I love Mango! I know they have some branches here in Canada, but not here in Calgary. They do online shopping though! πŸ™‚

Here’s a close up of my blazer! Ohhh. My top is really daring if you see it in person. It has a cutout in the middle… where basically people can see everything… well that doesn’t work for me. I do not even have.. booo.. you know it. LOL

Shoes: Aldo ($140)

You know how I love folding my trousers. πŸ™‚

While I was posting these photos this afternoon, I just thought of something. I know for some Filipinos out there, you would notice how clean Canada’s streets are. YES!! They’re super clean, it’s rare that you would see any trash or anything on the street. No pollution – land, air, water…

That’s what I hope Philippines would have in the future. Don’t worry, if I become the President of Ph, I would do all those, and give pair of JC, Gold Dot, or Das to everybody!! YAAAYY! LOL



If you are more of a ballet-shoes person and you live in Philippines, then read this! My Gold Dot LOVES are going to release BLANC collection soon!!! I know it will be in tomorrow or the next day!

I don’t know if they’re having wedges, platforms, etc. but I love their flats!! Here’s a sneak peak they posted on their Facebook fan page!

These ones come in black and gold and they’re only Php 995. LETS BE METALLIC!!!

I know you may be thinking that this looks weird… but I have to tell you, as a shoe lover… I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THIS!!! Seriously, this for sure is another best-seller! I can imagine my feet wearing this pair… looks like my feet are floating since it does not really cover my whole foot, just imagine that!! And it’s two-way! You can have the strap, or not! 2-in-1 isn’t that cool!?!?! πŸ˜€

I LOVE MY GD people, they are soooo nice. I actually gain friends through their facebook fan page which is always nice!

Can’t wait for my brother to go home to the Philippines so he can get me another 10 pairs of GD!!!!!!! LOVE LVOE ELOV!! hahahaha


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