High-waisted skirt and bandeau

First of all, I want to apologize if the link I posted on Facebook was not working. Let’s just say, that this kind of photo – I have to ask the BOY’s permission. Just imagine the argument we had for me to post these photos. It’s not that he’s not supportive of my blogging, it’s just… I’m too pretty and guys out there might take me away from him. LOL So we both agreed that this is the last “daring” post that I’m going to do. Sounds fair.

Ohhh. And since it’s pretty late, I didn’t edit the photos. So these are bare photos. LOL

Bandeau: Urban Outfitters; bottom: Zara

Necklace: DIY fringe necklace

I’ve showed you how to do this DIY necklace, so if you like how this add statement to my outfit, then go do it! 🙂 It’s really easy and I seriously love it!

I was so inspired to do this outfit because of my high waisted pencil skirt. I really like the idea. How I wish I can dress up some girls out there. So if you are willing to be my model, and do shots like these… and no one’s going to get mad… please contact me. Oh yeah, of course you have to be from Calgary. Hahaha.

Whatever. I really love this photo so I’m posting it. I made it black and white though so it’s less daring. But I actually think that it looks more better!

These wedges I’m wearing are from Gold Dot! They’re called the Bertha wedges! I got them in green and I wish I could get them in black! I love the heels and the zipper.. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! I am just so impressed how Gold Dot’s shoes are just sooo creative! Seriously, who would have thought of this kind of idea?! Check their site for more styles! 🙂

Again, I want to apologize for that “false advertisement” on my facebook. I just got home and yeahhh… sorry again. Hope you still read my blogs! 🙂


2 thoughts on “High-waisted skirt and bandeau

  1. Bing says:

    mags, masakit ba tyan mo sa first pic?lol..joke lang.I love your outfit.Buti pinayagan ka.

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