How to organize your closet?

Before I begin posting photos, I just want to tell you… that this is a “HOW TO organize your closet” post and not a “show off my closet” post. Get it!?! Coz if it is, I will show you my entire closet! HAHA just kidding!! I do not have a lot of clothes, and most of them are not expensive at all, so please bear that in mind while you’re reading this post! 🙂

Well, I really don’t want to show everybody how my closet looks like, for a number of reasons. The main reason though is that… I feel naked. HAHAHA. You know what I mean. Closets are private, they should be, right?! But since this is a fashion blog.. I’ll show you some.

AGAIN, REMEMBER.. this is not a HAUL, this is a “HOW TO”!

Our master bedroom has a built-in walk-in closet which is located in our  bathroom. There is a problem with that closet though, the BOY (aka husband) had waaaaaaay more clothes than I DO!!!! There was no space for both of our clothes! So I asked my mom if I can temporarily make her room my big closet! HAHA. She works in another province. So.. thats the story of my closet.

My uncle, husband, and aunt call that room Maggie’s bazaar! HAHA! Coz it kinda looks like a bazaar. So here’s a glimpse.

They’re pretty much color-coordinated.. well kinda. haha. All rompers on the far left, then floral dresses, then blues, yellows, red, neutral, black, then the short-sleeved, then the long sleeved dresses. Then I put my scarves on that organizer thing. What do you call that? :))

If you’re wondering why do I have lots of dresses… well other than I love dressing up, I go to church every Saturday and I need to wear dresses for that. 🙂

Below this rack is where I put my to-go bags… I told you I don’t really like bags, but sometimes I have to carry one for the little boy’s snacks.haha These are the pang-lakad bags, and not the formal ones.

I think you have noticed that I love wearing statement PANTS or bottoms. But as you can see here. I have tons of neutral-colored pants. I don’t know why, but I love trousers. I prefer them than jeans. Speaking of jeans, as you can see I do not have my jeans here. I realized while I was doing this post that I have sandamukal na (several number of )JEANS!!! And because of that, I’m not going to show it to you guys. HAHA. I often wear trousers than jeans though. Trousers can give you a formal, casual, or even that edgy look.

This is where I also put my skirts and shorts. Ooooh. I’m excited to show you how I style  my American Apparel petticoat! I’ll do that soon, so watch out for it! 🙂

Okay, this is rated PG, or for girls only. LOL Look at that bras hanging on that far left. I included that on this picture because I just want to emphasize that… PLEASE HAVE GOOD SETS OF BRAS, ladies! I mean, at least make your bras match with your tops if you’re gonna show your bras or straps! If you don’t have boobs like I do, get  DOUBLE PUSH UP bras!!  Let’s be honest, we want to look good! I love getting neutral-colored bras because they will match with any outfit!

knitwears -> laces -> long-sleeved -> short-sleeved -> sleeve less

I remember how last semester in school, I tried not to wear the same top twice… and I was close to winning it.. but I wore one sleeveless twice!! Boo!! Hahaha. But yeah, I was that close in winning!

Here’s a tip. Buy clothes when they’re cheap or on sale. I will be honest with you… MOST OF THEM WERE ON SALE! That plaid shirt (right hand) was just $5 instead of $39. That American Apparel cropped top was just $12 instead of $36. For Calgarians, ALWAYS check URBAN OUTFITTERS or other stores when they go on sale! But please, if you see me wearing a shirt that was on sale… don’t say a thing!!!! 🙂 HAHAHA

I could actually say that these blazers in these pictures are from just 4 stores: Zara, H&M, Urban Outfitters, and Forever21. These blazers were not on sale, but most of them are cheap! I loveeeee H&M!! They have the cheapest blazers, but I really love their styles and of course the price!! In Calgary, if you want to get the best deal from H&M, go to Cross Iron. I don’t know but I they have more styles, cheaper prices for some, and I find them to have more trendier clothes.

NOW, let’s talk about shoes!!!! I seriously do not know where to put my shoes so I just bough these boxes from Ikea.

For my JCs and Aldos, I prefer them in their own boxes.

Well, that goes with my GoJanes…

Try organizing all your clothes, and you’ll see that you too may have pile of clothes out there! Since I organized my clothes like this, it made dressing up SOOO EAASSYY!!! I can just grab one top, then look at the other side to get my pants, or to the other side for a blazer… then look down for a good pair of shoes.

Another PS, the BOY and the baby have their own closets with their piles of clothes… I think it runs in the family. It’s not only me. Again though… some girls out there spend their money on make-up. I don’t. I prefer clothes. Some spend on hundred to thousand dollar bags, I don’t have those. I still prefer clothes and SHOES. It’s just the individual’s preference.

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9 thoughts on “How to organize your closet?

  1. :) says:

    Where’d you buy your panglakad bags ate? :))

  2. Abby says:

    I so agree about getting nice set of bras!

  3. You should consider taking part in a contest for one of the best sites on the web. I will suggest this page!

  4. Tey says:

    I love your shoe organizer. Been looking for the best one pero limited lang ang styles here in Ph. Hope to find yours soone. Love, Tey

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