Colors vs monochrome and meet my brothers!

Hello guys! How’s your weekend been going? Mine’s getting very busy, but oh well… what should I expect? That’s the life of a nursing student who has pharm/patho in one sem, a mom, a blogger, etc. lol I just had to say etc. 🙂

So this weekend our church members went to our house for potluck. We always have potluck every Saturday, but today instead of having lunch in our church, we had it in our house. Yes, there were a lot of people! I love having visitors though. I love having our friends around.

YES!!! The weather today was really nice!! It was +12, so I did make sure that I would do an outdoor photo for my blog today! And since there were people in my house, especially my family (in-laws), I asked them if I can take a picture of them! You’ll meet them soon, but let’s talk about my outfit first.


YES! This maxi skirt and the high low skirt that I wore for my yesterday’s blog have the same color and fabric. They just have different cut. I LOVE MAXI SKIRTS!! They’re like wide-leg trousers, and you know how much I like wearing my colorful trousers!

top: romper worn as a top Urban Outfitters ($62); bottom: Sirens ($12); belt: H&M; shoes: Aldo wedges

I also chose a nude lipstick for my lips today! Too much color already, so I thought I should just wear a nude one. I’m wearing MAC Cherish on that photo (above).


So now, let me introduce you to my 2 brothers. I wanted to take a photo of my youngest brother but I didn’t get a chance. The oldest one was sleeping so he did not go to our house. I do have 4 brothers and 1 sister, and as what I said from my previous blogs, they’re not really my siblings, they’re the hubby’s siblings. I am the only child (that’s why I’m a brat. no i’m not).


Meet Lyre.

One of the smartest guys I know! I always feel bad when I compare his GPAs to mine. lol

Let’s talk about his outfit. This is a fashion blog! lol

He always dresses up nicely! Very neatly done which is really appealing!  I love how his outfit in this photo basically revolves around just one color.. GRAYISH BLUE. The plaid polo  matches the perfect-cut skinny pants. The coat – not too formal which gives that edgy look! 🙂 I LOVE THE SHOES!!! I love those pointy shoes! What do you call them again? haha  A lot of girls think he’s hot! HE IS! Unfortunately, he is in an LDR. I’m so not used to saying that he has a girlfriend. haha

Meet Quinn.

If there’s a guy version of me, that would be this guy. WE JUST BOTH LOVE SHOPPING AND CLOTHES!!!

Quinn’s wearing:

top: Zara, bottom: Zara, shoes: Urban Outfitters

Well as you can see, his outfit color is BROWN. I love how he played with different textures on his outfit. I love his top! It looks so comfy and his pants has the perfect cut! This guy right here knows how to choose the best pants and shoes!! He even has his own shoe collection!! I always look at his walk-in closet and count his pants, and he has PLENTY! Yes, I’m a very creepy sister! :))

Ooooh… Quinn is single! I do not know though if he’s looking for one. I think he already found one! LMAO


Me and Quinn:

I love candid shots!

Okay. I just have to say this. Lyre and Quinn actually didn’t want to take pictures with me! You know why? HAHA

They hate to admit that I’m the same height or taller than them every time I wear heels! 🙂 You know, for a Filipino, I am pretty tall. I’m 5’3″, but since I love wearing my heels or wedges – 5’8″ or 9″ it is!!!!

FYI. I’m 5’3″ and 98 lbs. I’m pretty chubby for a Filipina! 🙂

I’m wearing my printed shoes from Aldo that my brother, Quinn, gave me for Christmas! He also gave me the red snakeskin wedges I was wearing on my DIY post! Isn’t he so sweet?!

Well, that’s it!

I love these 2 guys, I know they know that! I love my family!

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One thought on “Colors vs monochrome and meet my brothers!

  1. Tey says:

    Oh! We have same skirts. The cut, color and the sheer. Hihi! Sorry. And best color to pair it with is pink so I wore pink din. Tas I saw this post ngayon. hahaha!!

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