Big in Japan – Kimono + GD Karl

This is my second blog for today/tonight! If you haven’t checked my sheer skirt + JC Lana blog, then just click here. I still have to finish my reflective paper for my nursing clinical after this.

Have you heard that song Big in Japan by Martin Solveig? That’s my inspiration for this outfit.

Are you tired of your boring cardigans, or think that blazers are too formal? When I went to Philippines for vacation, me bringing a lot of clothes every time I travel, I brought 4 blazers! Oh yeah! I didn’t even wear them even once!! It was too hot!!! So if you want to try to layer, but those blazers, cardigans, etc. are not for you.. then try KIMONOS! Yes! The Japanese inspired Kimonos!

I honestly think that this fashion trend started due to all the calamities that happened n Japan, and basically wearing their national costume is a way to support Japan. Even though Japan is a very rich country, let’s include them in our prayers! 

Kimono: H&M ($16.50)

Oh. Here are more photos of me rocking my kimono!  I am a modern Geisha!

I realized that this second photo IS blurry! I will seriously be thankful my whole life if someone can teach me how to use my Canon T2i! 😦

fringe necklace: DIY (click here for tutorial) wedges: GOLD DOT

I believe these wedges are called Kookie wedges (edited: they are actually KARL wedges). I bought this when I went to Rockwell when I visited Philippines. It was actually my first purchase of Gold dot. They are so unique and so stylish! If I’m not mistaken, they were around Php 3000 – Php 3500 because they weren’t on sale. Comfortability? They rock! You will know that you are wearing wedges, if you know what I mean, but I actually find them really comfortable!

I heard that GOLD DOT is having a FLASH SALE, from 50% – 80% so add or like their facebook fan page! 🙂

Here’s a closer look of my KARL wedges:

Aren’t they so pretty? They give me giggles every time I look at them!

Here’s another picture of me rocking my kimono and Karl wedges! OOH, they both starts with letter K! lol

That’s me with my fierce face! 🙂

So how should I end this blog? Hmmm…

Where ever you are, dream BIG!!! Whether you are in the Philippines, Canada, US, or Japan, be something BIG!

Be Big in JAPAN

Be Big in Philippines

Be Big in Canada….


2 thoughts on “Big in Japan – Kimono + GD Karl

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  2. Bing says:

    I wish i have the same length of your hair.haha

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