Lacey day, oversized pants, and Zara’s secret.

Very quick post. I went to do some errands today but was too lazy to dress up. So what do you wear if you’re too lazy to prepare for a nice outfit? Well, I’ll tell you what I wear in a minute.

For now, say hello to my harem pants, or what I like to call the oversized pants. I bought this last year from Zara for $9. tehehe. Oh Zara, I love when you go on sale. Have I told you that I used to work as a senior cashier at Zara Calgary before I got pregnant? Yes. So maybe I can tell you some secrets.

First of all, thank you to my lovely friends from Zara who are always so warm when I visit (Des, Daph, and Dawnn = the tres marias). Zara Canada basically goes on sale twice a year, June and December. For December, we know that they start at boxing day, while for June, they start around mid to end of June (I believe).

Now here’s the secret…. Oh I hope my manager doesn’t mind me sharing this. lol. They do at least 3 reductions on their sale items, that is why I do not  shop at Zara on boxing day… coz that’s only their first reduction. If you go to Zara Calgary right now, you’ll see their orange labels filed up in a tag because they already had their…. nth reduction. This is the time when pants from $60 are now only $20.

I would like to thank the tres marias for updating me every time Zara does their reductions. So yeah… if you want to save money, then I guess you have to wait. The catch for this though is… sometimes they do not have your size because it’s been sold already.

Anyways, back to my outfit. Here it is.

Yes. My hair is “wet”. I was aiming for that wet look for this outfit.. but it wasn’t that successful. lol

top: lacey corset Urban Outfitters ($20) bottom: harem jeans Zara ($9)

Since my bottom is already “boyish” I wanted to add some femininity on the outfit, hence the lacey see-through corset.

and the red lipstick!!!

I love my charm wedges from Gold dot. They are soooo light, also I love the cutouts! They look like my Deena and Ozy wedges, but to be honest… these are better!


So guys, what do you usually wear if you have no time? This is what I wear.

HERE!!!!! I wear an oversize polo, harem pants, and oxford flats! Very simple, but very nice, I believe.

OHHH, the weather today was really good so I did an outdoor shot! The thing though is, after taking this one photo, my camera died. 😦 Oh well.

What about you? What do you wear when you’re just too lazy to think about it?:)

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