Like Mother Like Son and our colorful pants

I will introduce you to my little fashionist-o and gwapitong baby boy later but for now I’ll show you my outfit first. 🙂

I know I know… It’s another wide-leg trouser post. Yow dudettes, these pants are in! First of all, you will look very tall when you’re wearing them, so for us Filipinos, this is a must-have!!!!!!! 🙂

Here’s my outfit for the day. I wanted to do an outdoor shot, but it’s still too cold outside so sorry for the poor lighting AGAIN guys.

Top: Forever21 dress worn as top ($35) ; bottom: wide-leg trousers Forever 21 ($27)

Here’s a close-up of my beautiful face! lol I mean here’s a close-up of my top.

It’s actually a summer dress but I loved the print and thought that it would match my pants, so that’s what I used.

If you’re wondering where I tucked the remaining of the dress – that’s why I used a wide belt! 😀

Belt: H&M ($20) ; necklace: glass + pearls necklace by Forever 21 ($6)

I love this shot! It looks like a magazine cover! lol I just decided to sit down for you guys to see how it looks so feminine with this pants on! 🙂

bracelet: pearl necklace by forever 21 used as a bracelet ($18); rings: forever21 ($6 each); watch: Guess ($160)

Oh and yes, I only have one watch! I seriously do not like wearing watches, but I’m a student nurse and I need this for counting your respirations! 🙂

Shoes: nude pumps by Aldo $140


When I found out two years ago that I was pregnant, I really wanted to have a baby boy but my husband wanted a baby girl (I can’t blame him, he only has 1 sister and then 4 brothers). So when we found out that I was having a baby boy, I was really happy and just told myself “I KNEW IT! That’s why I’m getting ugly!!” (that is a Filipino belief that if you’re getting ugly while you’re pregnant, then your baby will be a boy).

He’s 2 years old, single, and ready to mingle! NOOOO BABY!
I love dressing him up! I actually want to dress up people, but dressing a little kid is always more fun!
Jabi’s wearing: knit top: Zara; bottom : Zara, belt: Zara. OH YEAH, I should have just said that he’s a Zara baby, coz he is!
I love Zara and I will post another blog for that – I actually think it would be my next post.
Oh and his shoes… he’s wearing TOM’S! ONE FOR ONE! I love it when he’s wearing his Tom’s, but for this outfit I actually changed his shoes to his Air Jordan.
As a fashionista, I also want my son to look good. I also want to dress up the boy (a.k.a. husband) but he always refuses. My little boy can’t say anything so he can’t complain.
 I love his skinny red pants! I think it’s so cute!
OHHH, and look at his hair! We made a mohawk! 😀
For the last picture, here’s one of me and my son
Thank you guys for reading! 🙂
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