Sheer shirt and my JC dupe

I told you what I usually wear everyday (what do you normally wear to school), but today I wanted to step up and move away from my comfort zone, hence this outfit!

From now on I’ll be posting the price of what I’m wearing. You may think that I have a lot of clothes, but they’re all cheap!!! 😛 I love cheap clothes!! Because then I won’t feel guilty if I buy more stuff! :)) So that’s a tip.. this 2012, go for cheaper but in-trend clothes!

Top: Sirens ($17)  bottom: Bottomline (Philippines) Php 1300

I love the details of these pants. Maria la del Barrio was wearing one in an episode!


She was wearing the black one anyways. lol

Shoes: Go Jane ($41.50)

Rings: forever21 $6; feather necklace: forever21 $12; tassel necklace: DIY; watch: GUESS

I love my DIY necklace. Tassels are in! If you live in the Philippines here’s a site where most bloggers get their accessories – BUBBLES!!

You will also get inspirations for your next outfit since they post pictures of their fashionista clients! So check it out! 🙂

So that’s my outfit! What do you think? Ohhhh and I got a lot of stares today because of my shoes! When you wear these babies, you’ll be the talk of the town or I mean the university. lol :))

Speaking of the shoes, I LOVE THE COLOR of this JC dupes from Go Jane! The thing is they are not comfortable at all! Poor legs getting cramps! 😦 Oh well, sometimes you just have to sacrifice for the beauty of fashion!! :)) That didn’t even make sense!

That’s all for now. I’ll do a DIY video of how to make a tassel necklace soon.

Oh hey, and if you want me to do something.. a look or anything like that.. then  just tell me! Message me on Facebook or comment me here! 🙂

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One thought on “Sheer shirt and my JC dupe

  1. Bing says:

    Always smile with your pics.Lovely

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