Where to buy shoes? PART 2 and the HOTTEST shoes I want to have!

As what I said on the first part of my blog -“Where to buy shoes?”, us who live here in Canada will actually pay more for the shipping than the actual cost of the shoes if we buy from Philippines. I love shoes from the Philippines, they have the best style!! Screw shoe designers here in North America! lol So we end up having shitty pairs of shoes! 😦 It’s 2012 guys!!!! WE NEED NEW PAIRS!!!! So here are websites that can fulfill your dream – be an instant fashionista!!! πŸ™‚


Every shoe addict out there knows solestruck! I consider them as the home of Jeffrey Campbell shoes! They have the newest style.. and ooooh – FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE (for orders more than $150). If you think you can’t afford their shoes, (like how I feel sometimes), just check their website anyways! That’s what I always do… then it gives me motivation to work hard so that someday I can afford the other shoes I lust. For example, FINSK. Yes, I’ve been talking about FINSK a lot, you wanna see what it looks like? Here!!!!:

“HELLO THERE! I’M FINSK! I’M HOT BUT YOU HAVE TO PAY $999 TO FREAKING GET ME!! ” That’s about 50,000 pesoseseses!!!

But Solestruck has JEFFREY CAMPBELLS, which I LOVEEE! I know you know that already! My favorite JC’s!!!

the new LITA!! Oooh, I want one! I love the nude color, and of course the transparency!! HOT!

I know you’ve seen my heel-less, snakeskin JC that I got for Christmas (photo), and I LOVE THEM!!! Here’s another heel-less shoe that I want:

I love the gold details! I also love the nightwalks with studs!! It adds more “ooompph!” lol

You know I love my Litas and my nightwalks.. so when they marry each other and have babies, this is what it looks like:


You see, SOLESTRUCK has the bessstt JCs!!! Solestruck goes on sale sometimes but they don’t really reduce the prices that much.. which I kinda hate. lol BUT HEY, FREE SHIPPING!! That’s always good!! It usually takes a week to two before I get my shoes (US to Canada).

Now, here are other websites who sell shoes that are hot. We already know those Aldo, Steve Madden, Little Burgundy, Urban Outfitters websites right? So I’m not going to talk about those ones. But yeah, check UO’s website sometimes! When they go on sale, it’s just awesome!!! They can go from $250 to $50!!

Here are other websites that I love visiting! πŸ˜€


Check this Jeffrey Campbell deal right here:

From $190 to $95!!!! TOO bad I’m not size 8!! HAHAHA

They don’t offer free shipping but you can always check for coupon codes on their site or google! I’ve used a coupon once and it worked perfectly – 20% plus free shipping! πŸ˜‰ GIRLS… we just have to do our “magic tricks”.


Okay. Other than Solestruck, this right here is my favorite online seller! Just wait for their promo codes, and you’ll get great deals!!! I got 2 JC’s for only $150!!!!!!! I think the deal was if you spend $200 +, you’ll get free shipping, 30% off your purchase, then $30 off. Psssshhhh!!!! And I tell you, their shipping, as what their website says is the “BEST SHIPPING TO CANADA!” I was so surprised that it only took 3 days for my BIG BOX of shoes to arrive!!!! SO WATCH OUT FOR THEIR GREAT DEALS!!!! πŸ™‚

I love this JC Witt Shoe!!!! From $168 to $83!! Oooh I wish they have my size!!!

BUT WAAAIIITTT!!! I KNOW I KNOW!!! You don’t have to tell me, they FREAKING EXPENSIVE, RIGHT?!?!?! So now, let me introduce you to a website who offers shoes in much much cheaper prices!!!! SAY HI TO JANE!!!

Go Jane

Have you read my first part of this “where to shop for shoes?” Then does this look familiar?

How much does it cost if you buy it from FFAQ?? php 2850 = or around $67 Cad? WELL GOOD NEWS!!!! “For this introductory price…” just kidding,

GO JANE sells this for $28.10 USD!!!! HELLO!!!

I know, I know, I’m cool!!!! Yes, this is a dupe ofΒ aldo x julian louie sobeslava wedges that looks like this:

which was $125 in Aldo.

Do you love Jeffrey Campbell Litas? Well, my Litas are $160 each – thanks to husband who spoils me sometimes. I know they’re expensive… so here’s a dupe for that!

$38.55 compared to $160!!!!

I love the leatherette though (the one above is fake suede)! I have the suede ones in fuschia and deep purple! The fuschia is the bomb!!!!!

Who doesn’t love leopard print?!?!! I saw these wedges from Steve Madden and I wanted them so bad, but they were $190!!! Here’s a cheaper one:

Watchu think??? I think they’re “raaawrr!!” $27.50


Check their website for more styles!!! Anyways, just a reminder.. we know that if something is cheaper, then there must be something that they “sacrificed” in terms of the quality of the shoe right? Β So don’t have too much high expectations about them.. I love my JC dupes, but of course you can tell (since I’m a shoe addict) the difference between those two brands! But for others, based on reviews, they could not tell what’s the JC and what’s the fake one!

So there.. These are the sites where I go if I’m depressed! LOL. Check it out guys and HAPPY SHOE LUSTING! πŸ™‚

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