How to make a hair bun (ensaymada way)?

Hi guys. First of all, I want to say thank you! It’s funny but overwhelming that I have almost 150 views everyday from you guys, and that for 3 days I already have 500 views! I know that’s not a lot… but for me, that is just awesome!!! YOU GUYS ARE SOOOOO SWEEET!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

I do not normally share my beauty or fashion secrets (lol) but since I love you all, I will share how I do my hair bun! I get a lot of compliments with my bun and people keep asking me how to do it. Also, I will do this in tagalog or Filipino language. First, it will be easier for me (lol) but mostly I want my Filipino friends to fully understand what I’m talking about. I’ll post pictures though so I hope my English/Canadian friends get what I’m talking about.

(edited: I’m posting an english version as well)

You need: pair of scissors, black sock (depends on your hair color or the availability)

cut the other end (distal) of the sock (ung walang butas, duhh haha)

now.. start rolling.. (rolling into deeee-eeep.. side comment lang)

roll the sock outwards.. you know how you roll your pants, same thing but make it tighter. Try to pull the sock while rolling to make it tiiiighhteeerrrr.

This should be your end product! TADAAAHH!!.

How to use the bun?

Tie your hair and make sure it’s tight. I like mine really high but it depends on you how high or low you want your bun to be.

Now.. insert your hair sa butas (hole)! HAHA (ang hirap mag-english. Another side comment. lol) Make sure though that you have enough hair at the end for the next step.

Trick: make a loop! Insert your thumb and your index finger in the hole, then grab the hair (bundle?).

You know the remaining hair at the end? Wrap the bun with the hair while tucking in the remaining hair in the circle

You’ll notice that it’s kinda hard to do it at first. Just make sure you cover the bun with enough hair. It’s okay if some part of the sock is visible. You have to roll the bun (outward or towards the hair tie) and you will notice that the hair will cover the sock. Just do some tweaking.

Rolling.. rolling.. (rolling on the river. :)) You see my hand/fingers position/s? Yes. That’s how you do it, girl.

AND YOU WILL END UP WITH A BIG NEST!! That’s it my dear!

THERE’S YOUR ENSAYMADA (Filipino delicioso bread. I miss.)

I know you’ve seen my Facebook photos with my hair bun. To those who haven’t, here’s one:

Tell me how it goes, guys! Share this with your friends if you like! THANK YOU AGAIN GUYS FOR VIEWING! 🙂

Here’s a video just incase you can’t understand my explanation. HAHAHA just forward the video around 6:00 coz for the first part she’s doing a different style.


4 thoughts on “How to make a hair bun (ensaymada way)?

  1. :) says:

    Ate you should do a video log. 🙂 I know you have a nice voice quality, you should try po hehe. Suggestion lang po. 🙂

  2. :) says:

    Last time I heard your voice was nung nag vivideoke ka with Jabi. 🙂 Yung nasa FB po hihi. Anyway I’ll wait for the log. Nakaka-enjoy yung blog mo ate Mags. 😀

  3. Danica Mae says:

    I tried my best to do this, kaso di niya nacover ung shock hindi ata long enough ung buhok ko. Hihi. 😉

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