Again,sorry for the low quality photo! I really need to learn how to use my camera! 😦

These is my shoe collection! You know how some girls are addicted to LV bags or make-ups? Well, this is my obsession.. SHOES! I do not like bags that much since I do not carry bags all the time or when I carry one, I end up misplacing it. I remember leaving my Chanel 2.55 at a store when I was shopping for shoes! I was so focused finding for the perfect pair that I forgot I was carrying a bag! lol For make-up, I’m very contented with my Nars sheer glow, my MUFE sculpting kit, and my Mac lipsticks! Those are all I need!

I will be totally honest with this shoe review. So, what are my favorite pairs? Not in particular order… coz I haven’t really decided which one is the first and so on.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita 2 – snakeskin

I only have 2 pairs of JC Litas (other ones are from Aldo, GoJane, etc.) but I’m obsessed with them that I want to buy every color! They are very comfortable! I lasted to about 2 hours of walking which I could not do with my other supposed-to-be-comfortable wedges! I LOVE THE SNAKESKIN and also the LACE! I love the color and it is just so easy to wear it with anything.

DAS 12 in cream (middle row, center)

When I visited Philippines last summer, I went to one of the bazaars and I was very happy to see DAS having their booth. Right away I fell in love with their shoes! I’ll tell you, they are even more comfortable than the Jeffrey Campbell Litas.. well that’s based on my experience. They are well cushioned that you wouldn’t even notice you are wearing sky-high platforms! Yes, they’re taller than JC Litas. They’re more on the same height as the Lanas. Check their  Facebook account to see other styles they have. They do not have any website yet, but they do ship WORLDWIDE! Another thing is… they are the nicest people you’ll ever meet! Their mom is the sweetest! She tied my laces when I was trying them on! Awww.. really sweet! ❤

DAS05 (middle row, animal print – tiger)

Another Das pair… yes, I’m very addicted to this brand! Since the DAS12 is very comfortable, I had high expectations for this pair. Well, I realized that they’re totally different style. DAS12 would be more comfortable since it has huge platforms and the wooden heel, but this pair is just hot! It can add statement to any outfit!

Now, do you want to know the worst pairs that I have? I think I’ll do that next so watch out for that! 🙂 Also, I’ll do a more thorough review for the other pairs when I use them. Add me on my Facebook account! Bye fashionistas!

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4 thoughts on “Shoebsession

  1. Bianca Sing says:

    I love your shoe collection ❤
    A shoe addict too here 😀


  2. Kyla Zuniga says:

    Your shoe collection is crazyyyyyyyy ♥ Love every piece! Envy youuu

    • HAHHAA. thanks Kyla. This is nothing compared to those bloggers who get shoes from their sponsors! I had to pay for all of them! hehe. You’ll have these soon! Just work hard! hehehe

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