First blog ever!

DAS shoes, from Philippines Necklace, f21 dress

Such a gay title, I know. I couldn’t think of anything and since this is my first blog, I literally used that as the title of this post. Forgive me, pls. 🙂

Also, sorry guys if the photos are not really HD. I used my iPhone for this since I couldn’t find my camera. Guys, you seriously have to help me how to use my camera! I have a Canon T2i, so anyone who is a Canon user.. help!!

Back to my outfit.. I wore this to Church. Not really appropriate for the event, I guess, but I just really wanted to wear my metallic dress. I did put a formal blazer on though to make it more appropriate! This metallic dress that I got from f21 was just $25 CAD. HOW CHEAP but very chic! 🙂

Well, there goes my first blog post. I don’t want to say a lot since it’s just my first one! I don’t want to give a lousy first impression. Thanks guys for reading! <3<3 MDS

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