HELLO!!!!!!!! Okay. That’s a lot of exclamation marks over there! hahaha. Well, I haven’t blogged in what?!?!?!?! at least 3 months?!??!?! OMG!!!! SO EXPECT THE EXCLAMATION MARKS!!! hahahaha.

I’M BAAAACKKKKKK people!!!!!!! I know some of you have missed my blog (HAHA making myself feel special), and I HAVE MISSED YOU GUYS TOO!

I’m still actually not in the “total blog mood” that I couldn’t think of an outfit today… My day was.. well, should be no bad vibes today!!! It should be special right?!?! So here I am! BACK and stronger! WITH BLACK HAIR! Yes I do have black hair right now, for those who haven’t noticed! lol Oh. and I’ve gained 5 lbs during the holiday season and until now, I’m still struggling to lose that extra pounds. EF!!!

More stories to come soon!!!! So please keep in touch! I’m also thinking of something “new” for my blog!! Any suggestions?

Now to the outfit…

I love my fur + leather jacket! I bought it from Urban Outfitters for just $50 2 months ago! HELL YEAH!IMG_8658 IMG_8664 IMG_8651 IMG_8659As you may have noticed, it’s whiteeee everywhere!!!!! So please expect winter outfits or bulky clothes or oversized cardigans… or whatever! We’ll mix it with some summer outfits though! We don’t need depressing colors! hahahaha

Well, that’s it for now!! I missed you guys! Thank you for reading.


*****No one else would ever do.
I got a stubborn heart for you.
Call me crazy, but it’s true; I love you.
I didn’t think that it would be,
you have made it clear to me.
You’re all I need.*****


139th: What happened to me in the past three weeks?!

Hi guys! It’s been what??!??!?!?!?! 3 weeks?!?! Oh my!! I seriously don’t know what’s happening! I wasn’t actually active with facebook as well, which was a little bit weird for me since I’m a facebook person! lol So what happened in the past three weeks?

Well, I’m still a nursing student. lol I’m in a school setting though which is fun!… and tiring! lol I can remember that wanted to be a teacher when I was a kid just because I want to mark the kids tests and actually put stars or stickers if they do good. lol Oh my.

Other than school, I had a very busy family life! I am proud to say that I have matured so much in the past three weeks. HAHA. I developed schedule for my daily routine which covers my family, school, me, baby, and God time. I will share with you sometimes what my schedule really is but I am proud that I have managed to finally made my 3-year-old son sleep before 8 or 9 the latest and I wake up at 5 to go to the gym. lol ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have been eating healthy as well! Maybe that’s my next blog? YES! I’ll show you my new routine!

Fashion, as what I have said a million times, is about feeling good. I told my husband that he should also work out since personally, I feel soooo good, because I look good. char!! lol You know what I’m trying to say?

Anyways, I have more photos to show you from the past events – like halloween for example! I’ll post that soon as well!

For now, enough of the talking and let me show you my outfit THREE WEEKS AGO when we went to Edmonton! Oops. Sorry. lol

Zara romper: $60

This was taken at Matrix’ lobby.

That’s it!!! Actually, I just wanted to say hi and just tell all the people out there that I still exist in this world! lol I will blog soon, don’t worry people! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Talk to you later! ๐Ÿ™‚

138th: Where: West Edmonton Mall

As what I said on my last post, it was our anniversary last week so my mini family decided to go to Edmonton! You guys maybe were thinking, why go to the mall?!?! lol Yeah yeah. I get you. :p If you know me though, there’s nothing more romantic than the feeling of a husband supporting your shopping craziness! HAHA. BUT HEY… Edmonton Mall is not just any other mall. *curtains open*

Just some facts for those who knows nothing about WEM, it has the WORLD’s largest indoor amusement park, the largest indoor ย triple loop rollercoaster, largest indoor lake, and largest indoor wave pool. It’s size is equivalent to 48 city blocks – it is the largest shopping mall in North America.

Sorry, I actually did not take a lot of photos. lol OKAY. I was there to enjoy my time with my husband and my kid, okay? I wasn’t there to just take photos! lol I just want to show you some photos of which attractions we have visited. We were actually rushing so we can visit other places as well so we didn’t get the chance to take lots of photos.


ย Sea Life Caverns

We actually bought the whole day pass but we didn’t get go to the sea lion show since we were running a bit late. We left our hotel at 12 am instead of 7 am again. lol

PENGUINS!! We watched a Penguin show… we got the chance to meet.. DALE.

HAHAHA. YES! DALE! Hahaha. I was looking at my husband and told him that a penguin was named after him.

ahmm. sharks? lol

Oh here’s Dale! lol

MEET THE WHALE! No. The string ray! Is that a sting ray? Oh my. I don’t even know this stuff. lol

ahmmm. excuse me sir! You’re scaring the esss out of me! I HATE REPTILES! (Is that a reptile)

Okay. Now I sound so stupid! lol I swear I’m very smart! lol


Then we went to eat at Earls. lol We left the hotel at 12, we had breakfast there first, so basically we were still full. I wanted to eat though just because I want to so I ATE A BIG BURGER!!! It was so cheap and I loveee it!

Basically.. the whole time we were at Edmonton, we just ate at Tony Romas and Earls. We ate Friday and Saturday dinner at Tony Romas. Just because their service was sooo fast (Calgary ones are so slow) we were so amazed! There were lots of choices but I tell you, the line ups were ridiculous that you had to wait 30 minutes. SO pfftttt.

and I just had to order foods to go so we can eat at the hotel.



So this is the largest indoor amusement park in the WORLD. There are rides for ย kids ย and for kids at heart. Sorry but I don’t have enough memory now that I have to make this post short. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Yes, I know! I’m not giving justice to how beautiful the place is. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

One confession: ย I SERIOUSLY HATE AMUSEMENT PARKS! I get sooo dizzy! I tried riding a roller coaster once, and it was the last (it was super tiny pa)! I tell you, I went with my son in a kids slide coz I thought it would be very easy but after that MY WHOLE BODY WAS SHAKING! AAHHH!!! I’m such a chicken! lol

Well, that’s it guys! As you may see.. I actually didn’t include my outfit photos except for the very first photo. I will post them soon!


137th: Where: Matrix Hotel Edmonton, AB

Most people think of clothes, shoes, accessories, every time they hear fashion. Interior decorating for me is fashion.. it is like dressing up… you want to look classy, you want to give an impression to people, but at the same time you want to feel comfortable. That’s what this hotel offers their customers.

I am not from Edmonton and I can count with my hands the different hotels where we stayed during our vacations for the last 7 years. I must say though that Matrix had the most impact on me. The room is very cheap, but gives you that luxury feeling you want for a hotel.

When I was looking for a place where to stay during our visit, I was thinking of a hotel in Edmonton downtown so I would have the chance to see what their city centre looks like. Well, all I can say is it looks like Manila!!! Anyways, back to the topic… We got the room for only $120/night ย (plus taxes). They have free internet, complimentary breakfast, and FITNESS CENTRE which makes me veryyyy happy!!!! I worked out last night and I really liked their equipments! They’re very updated, and the room is very clean! They offer free parking but the parking lot is very small, which is still okay. I love the room service on top of that! The house keeping impressed me as well! When we got to the room after our busy day, the room was very clean again! lol

Now let me show you some pictures of the room! PS. I will be blogging my outfit of the day tomorrow or next time! I will be featuring what I’m wearing in this set of photos.

I love how it feels so classy! The bed!! The bed!!! The mattress!!! Aww! Speechless!

The room is so modern which what I really wanted when I was looking for somewhere to stay.

They have mini bar in one corner of the room which is really cute and very convenient! From diet colas to wines and snacks!!!

The washroom is really tiny, but hey, it should be! I mean, it’s fair that the washroom is kinda small! I only paid $120 a night for the room! The average cost for an average hotel in Alberta is around $150-$180 and most of the times, the rooms are crappy! Pfft. So this is a very good deal!

Juice, water, sodas, gin, champagne, white wine, red wine, etc.!

So now if you are planning to Edmonton and looking for a place to stay.. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MATRIX HOTEL, guys! If you want to know more info about the hotel, visit http://www.matrixedmonton.com! I’m thinking of trying their suite on our next visit! ๐Ÿ™‚


136th: Where: Edmonton, AB

How stupid is this?! I already wrote 3 paragraphs of my updates then my browser refreshed and then there was no recent update from the drafts folder?! GAHHH!!!! I wrote those paragraphs for about 15 minutes and now it’s gone!!!!! GAHHH!!!!!

Sorry for that intro. I just really have to vent out my frustrations. Whatever! This is supposed to be a very happy day since today is our wedding anniversary! Anyways, the husband and I decided to go to Edmonton this time. Our little one had never been to Edmonton and we wanted to show him the Water Park here in Edmonton since he really likes going swimming! BC was our first plan, but it is too far plus the weather is not at its best so there’s no point really to go there right now.

So I told Dale that we have to leave Calgary by 7am so we can go to different places but we end up leaving at 12noon. How Filipino is that?!?! lol In Edmonton, we went to our hotel first. I will tell you next time which hotel we are staying and maybe do a little bit of review since I really like the hotel. Then we went to West Edmonton Mall to do a little bit of shopping. I told myself that I would buy stuff I normally won’t be getting from Calgary.. but guess what? I end up buying from Zara, Urban Outfitters, Aldo, etc. Then we also had our dinner at Tony Romas. Wow. Really, Maggie?! What’s the point of going to Edmonton if you’re not trying something different?!?! lol Whatevs.

Now, let me show you some preview of our tour. Since it’s the first day, I wore a very casual outfit.. just jeans and shirt with cardigan. I didn’t even wear too much make-up.

Very casual and very comfortable outfit for a busy shopping day!

One of the attractions here in West Edmonton Mall.

Look at those slides!!!! I am a chicken and I will never try that! Sorry guys! lol Don’t worry. Dale is going to do that for me!

that’s the very huge wave pool. Can’t wait to swim!!!

The cutest golf course ever! So cuteeee!

Well, that’s it for now guys! I will post another blog tomorrow when we get home! Sorry, it’s already 2 am and I need to rest. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I just want to show you some pics and to update you guys a little bit about what’s happening with me. ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s it guys! I’ll talk to you soon! ๐Ÿ˜€

135th: Somewhere classy

I went to a birthday lunch today and it was in a hotel. To be honest, I didn’t know what to wear. lol I wasn’t aware of any dress code so I just went with a casual look but with a little bit of sexiness. It’s starting to get cold here in Calgary so I’m trying to wear dresses now before it gets too late!

So here’s my outfit…

I bought this dress last week when Urban Outfitters had their extra 50% off on their sale items. It was on sale for $30, so I actually just paid $15! There were more than 20 dresses on the rack… seemed like nobody liked it! REALLY?!?!?! I just knew I would fall in love with the dress the moment I saw it! It has the perfect color combination, the shade of green is very lovely.. and the PLEATS!

I guess I have different taste when it comes to clothing then! I think though, that people should start experimenting.

Sometimes, it doesn’t mean that it looks good on the mannequin so it will look good on you as well…

and sometimes, it doesn’t look appealing.. but it doesn’t mean that you can’t pull it off!


Actually I only had 2 poses in this set sooo… sorry about that! lol

Can you see that mirror effect? Cool eh?!

I love this background! It gives a classy effect! Looks like I’m out somewhere fancy and classy!.. which I was actually. lol

Well, that’s it guys! I know my blogs are becoming shorter nowadays! Don’t worry, I have a week off next week and I will try to tell you more stories of what’s happening with me! lol

Have a fun week ahead of you! love y’all!

134th: My Braces Journey: 1st adjustment

Hello guys. So I had my braces adjusted last week! It was my first adjustment so I didn’t know what to expect! It sucked for the first few hours BUT I HAVE DISCOVERED SOMETHING! LOL You know, I have a high level of pain tolerance. I had a natural birth with my son, and I tolerated the pain when I got my braces. I don’t know though. I just didn’t want to experience the pain again, soooo I took some pain meds! OH MY GOODNESS!!! Who invented these Tylenol Extra Strength Rapid Release?!?!?!?! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

So here’s my update of my braces journey! 1st adjustment!


I have no make up on and I just washed my face and applied my moisturizers! ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s my face. hahaha.See the gaps on my bottom teeth?! Yeap!

Yay, 1 month done, 23 months to go! lol

133rd: The Birthday Hairstyle

I was about to post this earlier but some friends are visiting so my afternoon was pretty much occupied. I still want to post it now though since this is basically the second part of that birthday look post!

I always like my hair down and just wavy. I actually like the messy or the “I don’t care how my hair looks” look. I do my hair though whenever I need to. Here are some examples of updos that I do. They’re very easy and usually just takes 5 minutes to do.

So here’s my hair down.

Get a portion of hair

Bobby pin the sides of the hair and back comb the portion of hair at the front. After that, tie your hair back and do whatever you want to do.

I make the pompadour really high for more elegant look.

I also like the clean look so I put some gel and hairspray on.

Now, if you want to be more creative…

Make a pony tail

and use the end of your hair to style the whole look.


I think I can pull off short hair! Don’t you think?!

Or if you want to add some statement, then add some curls!

I made some curls on the side.

Or curl all of it!

Or make it messy!

(Say hi to my chubby cheeks! lol)

So what’s your favorite among these hairstyle guys?! ๐Ÿ™‚

132nd: The Birthday Makeup

Hello guys! It’s been a while since the last time I’ve blogged and it sucks. lol Oh well, I was so busy with school! I had a paper due this morning so I had to do that first. This post has actually been in my drafts folder for 4 days already and I was just too busy to publish it. Good news is, I am posting it now so at least you guys can remember that I still exist! ๐Ÿ˜€

This make-up post is inspired by my birthday outfit/look and I just decided to show you guys how I achieved that look. I am not really good with make-up so keep that in mind. I just want to show you how I do it my way. I also did not edit the photos so there’s no photoshop here – just my bare face. lol

1. Bare clean face

I cleaned my face and used my day moisturizer.

2. Apply make-up primer

I used Mac Prep and Prime.

3. Apply foundation

I am currently using Make Up Forever HD foundation in N127.

4. Fill/shape eyebrows

With an angled brush, I fill my eyebrows using a brown eyeshadow.

5. Apply Eye primer and first base of eyeshadow.

I used Urban Decay Primer Potion and used my bootycall from my Naked 2 palette

6. Do your eyes!

I used a shimmery nude eyeshadow over my lids and some shimmery gold on the sides. I wanted a simple eye shadow since I will be using very dramatic falsies and will have bold lips as well.

Eyes.. eyes… baby.

7. Put some eyeliner on.

I used Mac liquid eye liner.


I love dramatic falsies and I used showstopper from Sephora.

9. Contour cheekbones and nose

I used Pure Sculpture a Pro Sculpting Cream.

10. Blush

Mac Melba blush.

11. Highlight

Mac warming heart

12. Lips to finish the gorgeous look

I used Mac Lady Danger. I LOVE THIS LIPSTICK! I love red lipsticks but this has a touch or orange which is HOT!

…and now that’s the finish look!


So what do you think?

There’s a second part of this post, how I did my hair! I already have all the pictures here, I just need to say something with it. I will try to post it tomorrow! Sorry if I’ve been skipping blogging! I’m in my 3rd year, and it’s getting more hectic as time goes by!

Thank you guys for reading. I missed you all!

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131st: Happy Birthday!

I am so tired right now that I can’t write! lol I’m so sleepy since I had friends over last night and we stayed til 2am. I was planning to post this last night but it took forever to upload the photos!

So I turned 2_ last Wednesday! Yeap 20! lol

I am not really a party person but since I wanted to wear my designer dress that I got from the Philippines, I wanted to go out with some friends.

I will be posting more info about my Filipino designer dress and how I did the whole look soon! As you can see, I had two hairstyles that night. First, being fashionista as I am, I wanted the pompadour look like what Rihanna had in the “We Found Love” music video! My husband didn’t like it though. Pffftt *cough* boriiinnng *cough*. lol


Shout out to Kat and Precious!! Love you both! Also to Lady, and to April/Erg for the gift!!!

I will be posting another blog for my other party I had with friends/family!

Thank you all for reading!

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